Collagraphy - Masks

Language contains lots of important information: own culture, tradition, history, certain ethnicity’s emotion and temperament, and more. As a bilingual person, I have always been struggling with conveying my exact emotion in different languages.

Even though I can fully express, It’s not as same as delivering my true emotions and feelings in my native language, especially those subtle nuances. I feel this more and more everyday that language, especially your mother tongue, has its own power that immensely influences you and touches deeply inside you.

Things I've wanted to say but I couldn't, Collagraphy and Hanji Chin-colle, 12"x18", 2020

Concealing the truth, Collagraphy, 15"x15", 2020

Islands, Collagraphy, 16"x9", 2020

Together but Separate, Collagraphy, 9"x16", 2020

Alienation, Collagraphy, 9"x16", 2020